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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to deliver quality food and beverage products while scaling social impact. We achieve this by providing open employment opportunities for people of all abilities.

Every time an individual has the opportunity to gain employment or transition to work in an open employment setting, there is a cascade of social, financial and health benefits for them and the community.

Supplying our employees with the ingredients for change means we’re great on the plate and in the community. At the same time, we’re helping our customers fulfil their appetite for social good.

About Cultivate

Cultivate Food and Beverage opened in March 2023 under the Bedford Group social enterprise structure.

In response to the lack of meaningful job opportunities for people with disability in the open market, Bedford launched a portfolio of social enterprises that provide open employment for people of all abilities, with the ability earn a full award wage. This scales social impact which brings social, financial and health benefits for every employee and the greater community.

With a social charter to employ a minimum of 20% of its workforce with a disability or experiencing a barrier to work, in an open employment setting, Cultivate is a training ground producing some of our country’s future chefs and hospitality workers.

With two locations currently operating at Brooklyn Park and Lobethal in South Australia, and a third under construction in Salisbury (expanding production space to 7000 sqm), Cultivate Food and Beverage is well placed to cater for large commercial food manufacturing services and new product development.

Offering a full supply chain solution, Cultivate offers procurement, manufacturing, cold storage, logistics and packaging services. We recently acquired Adelaide Hills Foods, a bakery and food manufacturing company that has a network of over 1,000 national and independent retailers, including Coles, Woolworths and Drakes, expanding our distribution to over 1500 stores in Victoria, NSW, WA and Queensland.

By purchasing our products or partnering with us for contract food manufacturing services, you are providing job opportunities for people experiencing barriers to employment. We can help you achieve your ESG targets as social and environmental impact is ingrained within the way we do business.

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